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What is Gynecomastia?

Generally known as man boobs or man breasts, we define it as the increased growth of glandular tissue in men's chest.

Many men (and doctors) think the gland is always to blame when dealing with an increased volume in this area.

The truth is that there are other reasons behind an increased volume.

In fact, besides Gynecomastia (gland), we can also have cases of Lipomastia (Increased amount of fat only) or a combination of both.

What are the causes?

The leading cause of Man boobs is an imbalance of two hormonal groups: estrogens to androgens. With a net increase in estrogen production, diminished production of androgens, or both.

When Estrogen is increased, this stimulates the increase in glandular volume, acting as a Growth Hormone.

Some medication can also lead to increased glandular tissue.

If you notice an increased chest volume when taking a new drug, please seek advice from your general practitioner.

Is surgery necessary?

During my career, I've encountered many men suffering from this condition.

Patients tell me a very similar story, having the common denominator how impactful having an enlarged breast is.

Many men are very self-conscious of this, making them ashamed of being shirtless on the beach or intimate with their partners.

My patients usually come to me after trying to reduce the volume by conducting a healthy lifestyle with an adequate physical activity level and a healthy diet. However, this approach, even if it can reduce the fat in the area, doesn't address any increased glandular tissue, leaving the patient struggling.

What is involved in the procedure?

The gynecomastia treatment is pain-free and lasts roughly 60 minutes.

A two-steps approach characterizes the procedure:

First, the fat and part of the glandular tissue are addressed with the Vaser liposuction probe. This uses heath and ultrasound energy to gently melt the fat and the glandular tissue's weakest fibres. Following this lysate's suction and sculpting the contour to enhance the chest shape further, any residual glandular tissue is permanently removed using a small blade through a small incision.

Post-operative recovery: How long shall you rest for?

We usually recommend taking one week off work. This period can be increased to 2 weeks if your job includes heavy lifting. With this said, most of our patients can resume their routine within five days from the procedure, with the first two days being the roughest ones postoperatively.

The time needed to recover is strictly dependent on how compliant the patient is with following the post-operative instructions.

The cost starts from £4,000. We can provide the final quotation only after attending a consultation in person, allowing me to assess the areas you wish to address.

Gynecomastia / Man Boobs procedure Locations:

I operate in London, Birmingham and Manchester. To book a free of charge, commitment-free video consultation, please email my assistant at

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