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Dr Fasano is an established body sculpting specialist. His areas of expertise are VASER liposuction, fat transfer, J-Plasma with Renuvion and various other Aesthetic Medicine treatments.  

Dr Fasano graduated from the international school of medicine and pharmacy of Timisoara, Romania and attended the Master in Aesthetic Medicine of the Queen Mary University of London.

Throughout his career, he has enjoyed medical training across Italy, USA and the UK.


This mix of training has provided him with the competencies needed to deal with a wide range of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery conditions with ease and competence.

His passion for aesthetics and attention to detail allows him to enjoy great results while his unmatched empathy enables him to establish a great relationship with his patients.

Dr Fasano prides himself of great attention to the patient’s needs and is well known for his excellent post-operative care when treating his patients.

Dr Fasano has become an expert in VASER® Hi-Def Sculpturing and liposuction using the innovative VASER® technology.

More recently, he became one of the very few cosmetic surgeons within the UK using Renuvion. The next generation device for skin tightening. 

He also underwent training at various prestigious courses offered in the United Kingdom by the Harley Academy, the E. Coates Aesthetic training institute and the Master in Aesthetic Medicine offered by the Queen Mary University in London, as well as internationally, at the 7th Live Body Sculpting Surgery Course at Circumed in Marbella, Spain.


Mr Fasano is also a full member of the:

• GMC, General Medical Council, register (No. 7533666)

Surgical Procedures

A Change For the Better

Our staff is a multidisciplinary team of professionals that works towards improving the physical and emotional well-being of patients through cosmetic surgery and non invasive Aesthetic treatments. Whatever cosmetic procedure you have in mind, Dr Leonardo Fasano's team is ready to deliver. We understand how daunting surgery can be, and we support our patients every step of the way.

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Vaser Liposuction

Look Your Best

VASER  Liposuction can truly sculpt your body how you always wanted it to be and dramatically improves the life of anyone who undergoes it. Our foremost purpose is to perform safe procedures, and we make it our business to take care of all pre-surgery and post-surgery proceedings in order to ensure a safe recovery and a successful post-surgery life for each patient.

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Fat Transfer

Refined Results

This procedure, like all others we perform at our clinic, inherently demands a high level of responsibility, ethics, and knowledge. Fat transfer can be done safely and effectively when performed by experienced hands. Fat is usually grafted into the breast, but it can also be transferred into other areas of the body.

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J-Plasma by Renuvion

Tighten your skin

The combination of Helium Plasma and Radio frequency energy achieves a great deal of skin tightening while decreasing the overall post operative recovery time.

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